Narinya vom Sölring Hüs

E/O: R. Timfichuk, USA

zu Narinya / to Narinya

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Timberland Valley Dog Fanciers

Chehalis, WA.



Toddie Clark


Best Puppy in Specialty


BOS in Sweepstakes

Corrine Miller, USA

finally bought some pics that were taken at the Emerald Splash coursing
trial last November so thought I would forward them on to you. She was
best of breed both days for 2 points each day and had the top combined
score for the weekend so she has her name on the Floyd Huber memorial
trophy. Floyd did a lot for lure coursing in this area and he and his
widow own the field the trial is held on so the Basenji club had this
trophy made. Floyd and Lita are Borzoi people and Narinya is the first
Borzoi listed on Floyds trophy since it was started in 2008.

During the time I have been involved in the dog world I have managed to get dogs to their championships but for some reason this one is the most satisfying to me. Maybe this is because Narinya is the first dog I have had that I studied the lines for a few generations and owned one of her relatives from a couple generations back and I thought she would be the running dog I wanted.
Or maybe it is because to get her FC in 3 weekends of coursing and getting a BIF while doing it showed it was all her. Watching her run is a one of the things that makes me happy


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